Phil Beveridge, founder and owner of Roof Inspection Reports answers some roof inspection FAQs.

Why get your roof inspected?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That goes for both your safety and your pocket. Problems caught early are more readily and less expensively fixed. And many serious structural problems are “silent”, that is, they can only be uncovered by a full professional inspection.

Roof Inspection Reports are experienced and independent. We will give fearless and forthright advice.

When should I get a roof inspected?

Roof Inspection Reports can carry out an inspection and make a report at any stage of the design, construction, pre-purchase, purchase or ownership phase. We recommend that if you are contemplating buying a property, you book an inspection for the roof as early as possible – our report can not only serve to highlight important matters that may impact safety or cost to you, but can be used to negotiate price.

Building owners should then have inspections regularly, ideally once a year. That goes for both commercial and residential buildings. We live in a harsh climate that can weather roofs suddenly and badly. Take no chances with your prime asset and your safety, and arrange for annual roof inspections.

What does a roof inspection involve?

We will diagnose any issues that mean present or future problems. You will be given a comprehensive, professional report.

What are the benefits of regular roof inspection?

The outlay for a regular roof inspection is small compared to the costs you may face in major repairs or overdue maintenance.
Because many roofing problems are invisible, you risk not detecting them until after you have signed the paperwork. Remember that architects and project managers are not qualified to inspect roofs to the relevant standards. Only a qualified roof inspector like Roof Inspection Reports can provide you with a fully professional roof inspection.

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