Roof Condition Reports on New Work

When a roof is built for a new or existing structure, it is essential that the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use of materials are followed. Where manufacturer specifications are not followed, the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided, leaving the owner exposed to the full costs of repairing any damage caused by poor installation.

Because the roof condition cannot easily be viewed by the owner, it is not uncommon for contractors installing the roof to fail to comply with design specifications and manufacturer’s instructions. Even where the owner or project manager conducts their own inspection, without specialist roofing expertise it is difficult to make a proper assessment of the roof condition. Roofs do not always show their faults immediately, and when issues occur after a contract has been closed, it may be very difficult to secure any rectification from the contractor. Not only that, but even if rectification can be secured, lasting damage may already have occurred and the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials will be voided.

Of the first 50 inspections that Roof Inspection Reports carried out, only two complied with both the manufacturer’s instructions and the HB 39 ‘Installation code for metal roof and wall cladding’. An improperly installed roof leads to many issues for the building owner or leaseholder – stock damage and lost time due to leaks, repair costs due to rust from water pooling, and workplace health and safety liabilities if roof anchor points are not installed according to standards.

The advantage of having Roof Inspection Reports carry out your inspection is that we are experienced and independent. Not only do we have the expertise to know what we are looking for and assess roof conditions against industry codes and manufacturer’s instructions, we are able to provide impartial reporting and advice. Knowing that an expert who is independent from the project management and build process has provided you with honest and forthright advice allows you to ensure your roof is properly completed prior to closing out with contractors. The money spent on an inspection report can save you thousands of dollars in repairing an incorrectly installed roof in later years.

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