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With over 35 years of experience in the roofing industry, the founder of Roof Inspection Reports, Philip Beveridge, possesses the specialist expertise that you need to provide you with peace of mind. What sets Roof Inspection Reports apart is our complete independence and impartiality. Having an inspection performed by a roofing company that is offering to perform the work can leave you with questions about whether the recommended work is truly necessary – or is it simply a way of generating more business for the company? That’s never a concern with Roof Inspection Reports, because we are completely independent.

When you purchase, build or lease a building, there can be plenty of interests involved, leaving the question of who is looking after your interests as the buyer or leaseholder. When having a property built, for example, there is the risk that both the project manager and the roofing contractor will opt for a ‘near enough is good enough’ approach in order to get the job completed quickly. Having an independent roof inspection performed lets you know whether the roof has been installed according to your directions and, importantly, the manufacturer’s specifications and Australian Standard HB39, the installation code for metal roofing. Having roofing materials installed incorrectly will void the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving you footing the repair bill long after the project manager and roofing contractor have moved on.

With Roof Inspection Reports, you get the best of both worlds. Philip Beveridge’s extensive experience within the roofing industry provides the necessary expertise, and gives access to the best companies and individuals within the industry. If you require us to source quotes for any necessary works, you can rest assured that we will recommend only reputable professionals who will perform your job to a high standard. But being independent means that our inspections and reports will always be comprehensive, honest and impartial. We will never recommend unnecessary work or hide any defects that we find.

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