Reports to Assist with Budgeting and Cost Planning

In any business or personal venture where money is invested, the ability to plan for future expenses is invaluable. One of the services that Roof Inspection Reports can offer is a report forecasting the lifespan of a building’s existing roof. Applying our extensive specialist expertise, we are able to provide you with a report detailing the anticipated timeframe until roof replacement is required. We can also provide you with recommendations for maximising the lifespan of the roof through regular maintenance or any necessary repairs. In addition, our report can provide a forecast of future replacement costs at the time when the roof has reached the end of its lifespan. With this information, building owners are able to plan and budget for future costs without encountering unexpected surprises.

Commercial clients find the cost planning service offered by Roof Inspection Reports to be a great asset in their expense planning. We have recently completed a cost plan for the 21-year-old Brisbane Convention Centre, including a full condition report with recommendations. The replacement costs for the roof on a building of this size far exceed the amount that would normally be set aside for general building repairs and maintenance in any given year. Being able to plan for roof replacement in the future has allowed the Brisbane Convention Centre to use this information in its annual budget planning process. The recommendations we provided in our report will also ensure that the full potential lifespan of the roof is reached, reducing total costs over the life of the building.

This cost planning service can be invaluable, not only for commercial property owners, but also for body corporate. Common roofs are always a body corporate responsibility, and a roof replacement can be a significant and overwhelming cost to a body corporate if it has not been appropriately planned and budgeted for. Being able to plan for roof replacement allows appropriate budget measures to be taken years in advance of the cost being incurred.

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