Oxenford Roof Inspection Purpose:

Provide a roof condition report to AS 1562.1 AS 1562.3 And SA HB 39 2015 The installation code for metal roofing and walling. Provide recommendations to extend longevity.

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Findings & Recommendations Report For Oxenford Roof Inspection

  • Screw missing, also note the flat metal is loose and has no fasteners, this is the same for every gable end.
  • Sheets not turned down as per manufacturer’s installation instructions. Upper roof pitch is 0-degrees. Lower roof has been turned down.
  • Minor swarf detected across all areas of the roof.
  • Foot traffic damage was widespread across the lower section of the split pitch with one severe dent in the valley.
  • Appears to be some thermal movement happening at these transition flashing connections. It would be prudent to monitor these to ensure flashing joins do not separate.
  • Insufficient fasteners in tray flashings, non-compliant to SA HB 39 refer 7.2.
  • Dektites are blocking the pans with potential for future ponding corrosion.
  • Chimney flashings incomplete, both the upper and lower roof areas.
  • Sheet underlaps are not cut back with potential for ingress from water draw back.
  • Flashing connection here is the only one not over-sealed and is non-compliant to SA HB 39 refer 5.8.1, no under seal has taken place, it may be prudent to ensure all flashing joins have been under-sealed correctly.
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