Northern Sydney Roof Inspection Purpose:

Provide a roof condition report to AS 1562.1 AS 1562.3 And SA HB 39 2015, The installation Code for metal Roofing and Walling. Provide recommendations to extend longevity.

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Findings & Recommendations Report For Northern Sydney Roof Inspection:

  1. Box gutters throughout the project have no sumps and are non-compliant as per SA HB 39 refer 5.3.3. All areas: sumps should be installed at all outlets as per SA HB 39.
  2. Box gutters throughout the project have no allowance for thermal movement and are noncompliant to SA HB 39 refer 5.3.2.
    Unsure as to which materials have been used due to the gutters being membraned but their length still requires allowance for expansion no matter which materials have been used.
  3. Box gutter here with no overflows and noncompliant with SA HB 39 refer 5.3.1. Overflows and sumps should be installed to this box gutter.
  4. Overflow size is non-compliant to SA HB 39 refer 5.3.l(c), overflows are smaller than the outlets and not fit for purpose. All wrap over roof box gutters.
  5. Flashing cover is non-compliant to SA HB 39 refer 8.1.4, required minimum of ‘full tray’ coverage is to be provided on concealed fastened sloping aprons.
  6. Sheet ends in this location have not been turned down to manufacturers installation instructions, this is of concern for ingress from water drawback. This is a localized issue as all other areas have been turned down.
  7. Throughout the lower roofs anchors points have been installed into the pans of the sheeting and are heavily reliant on silicone which has no longevity due to the sun’s UV rays. Remedy required.
  8. Screws missing on apron flashings. Remedy required.
  9. Box gutters without adequate falls noncompliant to SA HB refer 5.3.2 ponding is already occurring. All areas: Corrosion will occur in these areas if not rectified.
  10. Swarf in the box gutter is already causing corrosion and needs to be cleaned, noncompliant to SA HB 39 3.6 Minor swart detected in other areas across the roof, to be monitored.
  11. No attempt to waterproof the box gutter to the stone wall has been made, given the undulations of the wall this may not be achievable with thermal movement also a factor.
  12. Sheet ends are not turned up at hatch as per manufacturer’s installation instructions. Ingress potential high here.
  13. Membrane has air pockets underneath and likely has been compromised leading to potential ingress issues. Occurring in several areas of the wrap over roofs box gutters.
  14. It is evident that the alignment of the roof clips is not true of centre and that the clips are causing the sheeting to become deformed and are likely to perforate the sheeting in the future. KingSpan provides very little data on the installation and tolerances of this product, particularly the tolerances of the underlying clips. We have requested information from Kingspan who have responded saying they are conducting an internal audit to the images we have supplied. We will forward any responses as soon as they are received.
    The image attached to report is taken directly from the Kingspan Case Study PDF of Taronga Zoo where the roofing product is on display. As shown in the image, no clips are shown bulging or threatening to perforate the metal surface. Given the excessive alignment issues, we do not believe that the installation would be within the given tolerances. We have attached the information regarding tolerances that was available unfortunately though this is not related to the installation of the clip / bracket system.
  15. Spray paint used in several areas to cover scratches. Unable to determine width or length of scratches due to heavy paint. We have also provided these images to KingSpan who have commented that these will also be under audit and that Kingspan will advise on the acceptable use of touch up paint and acceptable repair methods.
  16. Buckling to sheeting pans, likely caused by excessive foot traffic. Non-compliant to SA HB 39 refer B6.5.1 & 2. We have requested information from Kingspan regarding this issue and have yet to receive a response.
  17. Profile filler strip has been used under all the apron flashing, with the turn down of the flashing not giving adequate cover this material will break down rapidly due to atmospheric conditions.
    My hand could be inserted between the silicone and profile strip without force showing no connection between the two. All areas of wrap over roofs.
  18. Sheet end overhang into box gutter is noncompliant to SA HB 39 refer 5.3.2{f), minimum 50 mm required, most areas have approx. 10-20mm.
    All wrap over roofs. Potential here for wind driven ingress and water drawback as the sheet ends are not turned down either. Awaiting Kingspan data on sheet turndowns, generally profiles of this type require turning down to prevent water drawback. To be monitored.

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