Diagnostic Roofing Reports for Commercial Properties

Problems with commercial roofs can occur almost immediately after construction, or may emerge years later. Roof Inspection Reports can undertake a thorough inspection of an existing commercial roof to diagnose any issues. This can be done in response to problems that have emerged (such as leaks or blocked gutters) or in order to detect any issues with the roof condition or structure that are likely to cause future problems. Early response, in the form of an affordable roof inspection, will always be cheaper than the mounting repair costs of allowing problems to go unchecked.

In the case of recently built commercial properties, it is common for the ‘blame game’ to commence when a problem emerges after completion. Each successive tradesperson examines the problem, and declares that the leak or other roof issue is the fault of another trade group. This can lead to an expensive and time-consuming succession of tradespeople attending the property without coming any closer to having the problem resolved. By using Roof Inspection Reports to examine your roof and diagnose the problem, you receive an independent, unbiased expert opinion backed by 35 years of industry experience. This allows you to ensure that the problem is addressed by the right contractor, the first time. The time and money that can be saved by using Roof Inspection Reports to diagnose roof problems makes an inspection report a sound commercial decision.

Roofs can take time, sometimes several years, to show their problems after construction. Where problems go unnoticed, or where the problems that are noticed are not attended to promptly, damage to property and stock can worsen and spread. This results in more costly repairs in the long run. When we perform a roof inspection of your commercial property, we will provide you with a full written diagnostic report describing the condition of your roof and highlighting any problems found. The report includes our impartial recommendations for future actions. Because we are unbiased, you can rely on our reports to provide you with honest advice and only recommend work that needs to be done according to our expert opinion.

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