Frenchville Roof Inspection Purpose:

Provide a roof condition report to AS 1562.1 AS 1562.3 And SA HB 39 2015, the installation code for metal roofing and walling. Provide recommendations to extend longevity.

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Findings & Recommendations Report For Frenchville Roof Inspection

  • Screws required to the ridge capping as per manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • Concerns here the transition flashing could block the valley from debris build up and water build up as it is restricting the flow of water, potential for ingress in this area.
  • Screw missing in the ridge capping and a minor foot traffic dent.
  • Screws missing to sheeting. See item #1 for compliance.
  • Screws missing to the tray flashing as per manufacturer’s installation instructions. See item #1 for compliance.
  • Dektites appear heavily reliant on silicone which has no longevity due to breaking down under the sun’s UV rays. Possibly the dektites are too big for the penetrations and smaller ones should be Installed.
  • Also note the exposed copper piping has potential to corrode the roof sheeting over time and requires covering/lagging.
  • Barge cappings not turned down into the gutter as per SA HB 39 refer 5.6(g).
  • Large length of existing gutter without brackets. Also note there was a couple of brackets that were not clipped into the front edge of the gutter.

Code / Manufacturer’s Installation References Used In Frenchville Roof Inspection

7.2 Roof Sheet Span Information

  • The roof sheet support spacing for the various profiles are listed in the typical span information of the manufacturer’s product literature. This information varies depending on whether it is an end span, internal span or overhang.

4.4.2 Corrosion due to drainage

  • Metal roof drainage system components shall be designed and installed to prevent corrosion, erosion, or both, due to drainage from metal and non-metal roof drainage system components and, where applicable, cladding.

5.6 (g) Roof cover discharge over eaves gutters

  • Roof covers discharging into an eaves gutter to enter the eaves gutter 50mm. Flat pans or valleys to have the lower edge turned down 20mm at 45 degrees into the eaves gutter

Frenchville is a suburb of Rockhampton in the Rockhampton Region, Queensland, Australia

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