Casuarina Roof Inspection Purpose:

Provide a roof condition report to AS 1562.1 AS 1562.3 And SA HB 39 2015: The installation Code for metal Roofing and Walling. Provide recommendations to extend longevity

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Findings & Recommendations Report For Casuarina Roof Inspection

  • Severe corrosion evident to roof sheet lap. This is caused due to the roof sheets incorrectly double lapped. Non compliant to manufacturers Instructions
  • Roof sheeting is multiple lapped, this is against manufacturer’s instruction as it compromises the anti-capillary feature incorporated into the under and overlap. Water is also drawn inbetween the sheets from the sheet ends causing accelerated Corrosion
  • Roof pitch noted as 5 degrees and found typical to all areas throughout. At 5 degrees the main roof is not suitable for its intended use. At a rainfall intensity for this area of 310mm/hr the maximum roof sheet combined length including water concentration is 10mts. Unfortunately the majority of the Roof exceeds 10 l/n metres making this roof profile not compliant for its intended use.
  • Sealant in the stainless steel box gutter has failed. Water ingress was noted below the box gutters.
  • Mechanical penetrations through the roof have not been completed with the roof sheeting sealed to the duct riser only with no flashings on 3 sides. This installation is not compliant and of real concern.
  • Feature beams has cracks on top face
  • Severe corrosion to satellite dish
  • Roof sheeting overhang non compliant. Causing damage to roof sheet overhang. Max allowable 150mm at 280mm, roof traffic caused damage.

Roof Inspection Conclusion Based On Findings:

Due to the roof sheeting not fit for its intended use and failing there is no alternative than replacement. We recommend this be completed without delay. Roof replacement will require insulation, battens, flashings and gutters replaced.

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