Bellbird Park Roof Inspection Purpose:

To provide a compliance inspection to AS 1562.1 SA HB 39 2015, the installation code for metal roofing and walling, as well as manufacturer’s instructions due to ongoing roof leaks after new roof installation.

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Findings & Recommendations Report For Bellbird Park Roof Inspection

We believe draw back due to the roof sheets not turned down the main cause and to create a compliant install will require replacing the whole main roof and the Flashing as the main roof sheets too short. We suggest turning down these sheets adequately and installing a 50 x 50 bitumn impregnated foam under the sheeting approx. 75 mm from the end of the sheeting above the flashing. In my experience this should do the trick however I would not close out with the contractor until a severe weather event has proven it sound. Failing that the roof will require replacement to the Code.

It would have been prudent to extend the main roof sheets out to the full extent of the structure This would of required some minor adjustments to some battens only.The sheeting with the dents require he sheeting lifted and a 1 mm profiled support placed underneath to re-install the integrity back into the sheeting. Remove lower roof sheeting and install insulation as per quote supplied .

Bellbird Park is a suburb in the City of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census Bellbird Park had a population of 6,736 people.

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