Brasall Roof Inspection Purpose:

Provide a roof condition report to N.C.C 2016 Vol.2, AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3, SA HB 39 2015 The Installation Code for Metal Roofing and Walling and manufacturer’s instructions. Provide recommendations to extend longevity.

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Findings Report For Brasall Roof Inspection

  • Northern bedroom shown with ceiling mould removed and temporary boarding in place.
  • Ceiling cavity shown with ceiling insulation present and no insulation or sarking provided below the tiles.
  • Ceiling cavity shown where the temporary boarding has been installed. The surrounding ceiling insulation was removed in this area to ensure that no further ingress staining, or mould was present. The surrounding plasterboard appears dry with the ingress appearing to affect isolated areas only.
  • Heavy foot traffic damage is present throughout this area and is likely a result of the solar panel installation located above. Decramastic / pressed metal tiles are very fragile and almost impossible to traffic without causing extensive damage. Due to this the roof was not accessed and images were taken from the surrounding perimeter of the roof.
  • Roof above the northern rear bedroom shown. The roof has been tarped to prevent further ingress. An existing solar panel array is present, and the surrounding area is heavily affected with foot traffic damages. Due to the fragile nature of the pressed metal tiles, ingress can develop from open / deformed laps and splitting of the material when damaged and the cause of
    ingress can be widespread. Several areas of tile laps have silicone applied recently however there is also evidence of existing silicone attempts below the solar panels that were not removed.
  • Aged / previous silicone application shown below the remaining solar panels. The northern rear bedroom has suffered ingress due to existing damages to the metal tile roof. Given the evidence of existing sealant attempts, we believe this ingress issue may have been present for quite some time.
  • Ingress point is occurring at the gable end where it transitions to the roofs hip flashing. Leaf debris is present inside the ceiling cavity in this location and is evidence of ingress from the roof above. The leaf debris will also be holding moisture when subject to water and is likely the cause of the underlying ceiling stain.
  • Hail impact damages have been noted in several locations throughout the roof. This roof was subject to the severe hailstorm of October 2020. These impacts are noticeably different from the foot traffic damages. They are circular in nature and do not have any surrounding deformation due to foot traffic. Additionally, Solar panel inspections have been conducted and the panels were also found to have suffered impacts, micro fractures and ingress.

Recommendations For Brasall Roof Inspection

The roof is in poor condition and the ingress that has been experienced is likely not a recent occurrence. Regarding the northern rear bedroom, the foot traffic damage surrounding the solar panel array is the most likely cause of ingress, as is evident with the numerous sealing attempts conducted over different periods. Ingress to the southern rear bedroom is related to the gable / roof hip transition.

Evidence of hail impacts is also present throughout the roof. Regarding the water staining on the slab, we do not believe this to be related to roof ingress, as the ingress is in isolated areas.

When inspected the surrounding areas within the ceiling cavity, the top of the plasterboard was found to be dry and no evidence of severe roof ingress, leading to the walls, was found.

Brassall is a suburb in the City of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Brassall had a population of 10,898 people.

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