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Roof Inspection Reports are the leaders in trusted roof inspections, combining uncompromising attention to detail and in depth industry knowledge. We specialise solely in roof inspections which means you get the benefit of decades of experience within the industry. Our roof inspection services are available to residential and commercial clients as well as civil service buildings. We also cater to heritage listed buildings and have specialist staff who possess a deep understanding of the challenges these buildings present.

What Are The Benefits Of A Roof Inspection

Your roofing is an incredibly important part of your structure, protecting it from the elements while also providing insulation to keep your home at an ideal temperature. Because it’s the first line of defence, it makes sense to make sure everything is sound. Roof inspections are also a great way to prevent costly repairs as water can wreak havoc on the internal structure of your building, resulting in significant work needing to be carried out.

If you are having work carried out on your roof, such as the installation of solar panels, a roof inspection is recommended beforehand. By doing this you protect yourself should something happen during the installation. Sometimes it can be tricky to get contractors back to repair damage that occurred during the install but a thorough inspection report leaves little room to wiggle and proves that the damage did happen during the work in question.

All of our inspections come with an extremely detailed roof inspection report. The report outlines every infraction we find during the inspection, complete with reference images. Each infraction or area of concern is given a severity rating and rundown as well as recommendations for getting it fixed and back up to code. Our reports are designed to give you the full picture as to the health of your roof and what areas need your attention now.

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How Are We Different From A Standard Building Inspector

We differ from a traditional building inspector due to the understanding we have of Australian building standards that apply to roofing. All of our inspectors have intimate knowledge of building codes including N.C.C 2016 Vol.2, AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3 and SA HB 39 2015: The Installation Code for Metal Roofing and Walling. This means our reports are a comprehensive assessment that covers all the bases when it comes to your building’s roofing.

Our inspectors are also well versed in manufacturers instructions for a wide variety of roofing attachments. It is a little known fact that most manufacturers’ instructions include conditions that must be met in order for warranty claims to be approved. If we notice that an attachment has been installed incorrectly it could save you significant amounts in replacement fees should it fail and need to be returned under warranty.

Much the same as hiring different contractors to build a house, having a professional that specialises in roof inspections means you get the best possible appraisal. We covered how important it is to catch any issues related to your roofing before they escalate so it makes sense to get the best inspection possible. We are confident that once you see our comprehensive roof inspection report you will understand why we are the leading provider across the east coast of Australia.

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Trusted Roof Inspections By Industry Veterans

We stand behind our reputation within the industry as a trusted provider of roof inspections. We have carried out work for residential, commercial and government led construction, providing invaluable insights to save time and money. Our reports are respected amongst contractors and make resolving any issues a simple process. You can rest assured that engaging Roof Inspection Reports to carry out an inspection means you will get a complete picture as to the condition of your roof.

For information on our roof inspections or to arrange an inspection for your building, call us on 0418 677 524 to talk with a qualified roof inspector. You can also get in touch with us online by filling in our online contact form present on this page.

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