The Reasons for Commissioning a Roof Inspection

A roof inspection goes beyond the standard building inspection. While a building inspection may assess the condition of the building’s roof, a building inspector is usually a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ and does not have the necessary specialist expertise and experience to make a proper assessment of your roof’s condition. Even the site or project manager for new builds will not possess extensive expertise about Australian Standards and manufacturers’ specifications for roof construction.

Roof Inspection Reports can save you money by applying their professional expertise to carry out a roof inspection and provide you with an independent report, whatever stage of design, construction, purchase or ownership you are at. Some of the ways in which our clients can benefit from a roof inspection and report include:

  • Through provision of a thorough inspection of an existing roof to diagnose any issues. This can be done in response to problems that have emerged (such as leaks or blocked gutters) or in order to detect any issues with the roof condition or structure that are likely to cause future problems.
  • To check roof construction on a new build. When a roof is built for a new or existing structure, it is essential that manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use of materials are followed. Where manufacturer specifications are not followed, the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided, leaving the owner exposed to the full costs of repairing any damage caused by poor installation.
  • Through our inspection and reporting on proposed roofing designs from architectural plans. Our specialist expertise means that we are able to advise on whether the design and materials being recommended are the most suitable, and the most economical, for the purpose.
  • Through having a roof inspection report completed prior to leasing or purchasing property. This is a wise investment that can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs.

All of our services are designed to identify any existing or potential problems at the earliest possible stage, enabling you to be in possession of all of the relevant facts before you make decisions. Our prices are affordable, meaning that a small cost now could save you large sums in the future.


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