What Does A Roof Inspection Report Look Like?

One of the questions we are asked the most by prospective clients is what will my roof inspection report look like? As we are a specialist service it is understandable that not everyone has seen an inspection report and if so it is likely the ones seen previously are not as detailed as ours. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and ensure that we give our clients a complete picture when it comes to the condition of their roof.

Our roof reports are split into 4 main sections and we will use an already existing report as an example. Obviously we will be blurring any identifying information:

roof inspection report cover page

Cover Sheet:

This details the purpose of the report, the location of the property in question as well as the date and the name of the roof inspector that carried it out. In the example shown the purpose is to “Provide a roof condition report to AS 1562.1 AS 1562.3 And SAHB 39 2015: The installation Code for metal Roofing and Walling” as well as providing recommendations to extend the longevity of the roof.

roof inspection report mud map

Mud Map:

Given that many people rarely have easy access to their roof it can be hard to understand where exactly the issues are located. By providing a top down photo of their roof and placing index markers where the reported concerns are located we are able to give the client a clearer picture of what’s going on above their heads. The mud map also makes it easier for contractors to locate the spot in order to carry out repairs.

roof inspection report

The Report:

This is the main section of your inspection report and includes 3 components: details about the area of concern with an easy to understand severity metre, reference images and snippets of any building codes mentioned. Our aim is to make the information easy to understand and by including the snippets we leave little room for contractors who carried out the work to refuse carrying out corrective work.

reference images roof inspection report

Reference Images:

The goal of this section is somewhat similar to the mud map. By providing reference images we are able to better illustrate the location of the faults as well as painting a clearer image of the overall condition of the roof. Having a roof built, repaired or damaged can be a stressful experience and finding out that further attention needed can only add to it. This is why we place such an emphasis on providing as clear a picture as possible.

The last page of the report covers the terms and conditions of us carrying out an inspection and what can and cannot be done with the report. As with any documentation we encourage our clients to carefully read these terms and conditions and should any questions arise from this review you should not hesitate to ask us.

Have More Questions About Our Roof Inspection Report?

Should you have any questions about our reports or want to know more about our roof inspection services you can give us a call on 0418 677 524 to talk with one of our experienced roof inspectors. We are happy to provide any relevant information or insights you might be after. Should you wish to get in touch with us via email please head on over to our contact us page and fill in our online form.