Upper Caboolture Roof Hail Damage Report

To provide an Upper Caboolture roof hail damage report including photos and scope of works for event related damages. To advise of any pre-existing or long-term damage and if any maintenance issues are present. If only a portion of the roof has hail damage, please include mud map and approximate % of the roof that has been damaged.

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Findings & Recommendations In Upper Caboolture Roof Hail Damage Report

  • Two broken skylight sheets from hail event present on the left-hand side looking at patio. The two on the righthand side are intact.
  • Water damage to ceiling inside garage directly correlates with a broken tile above.
  • Three sections on the roof have pointing that is cracked and could be a concern for ingress in the future.
  • A loose tile present and could be a concern for ingress as it could cause the valley to back up.
  • Repairs have been made in all 3 valleys with blobs of silicone presenting. There are also smaller broken tiles that present
    in the valleys. Potential ingress here as the valley could easily back up from the debris and tiles blocking the flow of water.
  • Tile is sitting up due to satellite dish in gutter. It may cause ingress into the eaves in extreme weather events.

Resultant Damages / Scope of works:

Replace the two hail damaged skylight panels in item #1
Owner to remedy items #2 and #5 before water damage to ceiling in garage is fixed.

Upper Caboolture Roof Hail Damage Report Conclusion:

We believe that the claim and damages are consistent with the storm event mentioned in claim.

If you have experienced a hail storm recently and are concerned about what damage may have been done to your roof, contact Roof Inspection Reports to arrange an inspection.