Don’t risk untold expenses. Have Roof Inspection Reports give you the full picture

Roof Inspection Reports

Possessing 35 years of experience in the roofing industry accross South East Queensland, Roof Inspection Reports has the expertise to provide thorough, unbiased and reliable inspections of roof design and construction. A roof inspection and report can be required in many circumstances, including:

  • On new builds, prior to closing out with contractors, to ensure that the roof has been installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, Australian Standards and design specifications
  • On existing buildings, prior to purchase or lease, as part of the due diligence process to detect any defects likely to cause problems or need repair in the future
  • On architectural design plans, to ensure that the roof design is fit for the intended purpose of the building and that the proposed construction is the most economical method
  • To diagnose the cause of problems such as roof leaks
  • To undertake required regular roof maintenance
  • To certify that roof safety systems are in place as required by Australian Standards
  • To provide the required periodic certification of Roof Safety Systems

Experience You Can Trust

Roof inspection Reports is able to provide services throughout Australia. The wide range of our services means that our clients include

  • Leaseholders or prospective lessees of commercial buildings
  • Private home owners and property investors
  • Commercial and industrial property owners
  • Design-and-construct builders
  • Corporate Bodies

Roof Inspection Reports are impartial and independent in our reporting. Having an inspection performed by a roofing company that is offering to perform the work can leave you with questions about whether the recommended work is truly necessary – or is it simply a way of generating more business for the company?

That’s never a concern with Roof Inspection Reports, because we are completely independent. While we can use our industry knowledge to source you quotes from reputable roofing professionals, you can be confident in our advice knowing that we operate independently of any roofing company.

roof inspector taking photos

Roof Inspection Services

A roof inspection goes beyond the standard building inspection. While a building inspection may assess the condition of the building’s roof, a building inspector is usually a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ and does not have the necessary specialist expertise and experience to make a proper assessment of your roof’s condition.

Commercial Roof Inspection Services

The purchase or lease of a commercial property is a major investment for your business. As the building owner, naturally you are liable for any costs associated with repairs and maintenance. But even under the terms of a commercial lease, the leaseholder will normally be responsible for the building upkeep and routine repairs.