Sunshine Coast Roof Inspections With Roof Inspection Reports

Roof Inspection Reports carry out Sunshine Coast roof inspections that are backed by over 35 years of experience within the industry. Our renowned attention to detail will provide robust and unbiased reports on the condition of your roof as well as detailing what steps should be taken to bring it up to code. We provide our range of roof inspection services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the Sunshine Coast.

We Provide The Following Roof Inspection Services On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Roof Inspections

It is commonplace to have a building inspector take a look at your home once construction has finished or before finalizing a sale. While this is a great idea the fact is many building inspectors are not experts in Australian roofing standards or manufacturers instructions for roofing materials. As a damaged or poorly installed roof can have a trickle down effect in terms of damage, getting the right picture is vital.

Roof inspectors employed by Roof Inspection Reports are all experts in roofing standards which include AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3 and SA HB 39 2015. During a roof inspection we will take pictures of each area we feel is a concern and then provide a detailed report with images alongside recommendations to extend the longevity of your roof.

sunshine coast roof inspections

Sunshine Coast Roof Condition Reports

Our roof condition reports are perfect for newly constructed buildings. While the bulk of roofing contractors carry out excellent work the reality is that some will take shortcuts in order to save themselves time and cost of materials. This is especially tempting due to the fact your roof is the least accessible part of your building.

If your roofing has not been installed correctly it will void any warranties provided by the manufacturer so it is important to take note of these as early as possible so you can have it remedied by the contractor. This saves you from additional costs down the line which can vary from having another contractor fix the issues to replacing the roof with a new one.

sunshine coast roof condition reports

Architectural Design Review of Roof Plans

While we can provide detailed reports on an already existing roof, we also review architectural plans to determine that the planned roof design is sound and that no improvements can be made before construction begins. During our 35 years of experience we have worked on roofs ranging from residential homes to skyscrapers and this has given us unique insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Not only can this review service save you time and money but it can also improve the building in terms of function. Roof Inspection Reports were tasked with reviewing the plans for the Commonwealth Sports Stadium and our report not only saved the cost of construction by over 1 million AUD but also improved the acoustics of the building.

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Sunshine Coast Roof Inspection Case Studies

Interested In Our Sunshine Coast Roof Inspections?

Our roof inspections are not only designed to find faults and issues before they become problems but also to provide peace of mind for owners. Our services are available to residential, commercial and strata buildings for both new and existing roofs across the Sunshine Coast region.

If you would like a quote for our services or would like to know more about how they can benefit you, call us on 0418 677 524 or contact us online to have one of our qualified roof inspectors get back to you about making sure your roof is in tip top shape.