Moreton Bay Roof Inspections With Roof Inspection Reports

With over 35 years of experience, Roof Inspection Reports provide thorough Moreton Bay roof inspections as well as roof maintenance and condition reports. Our attention to detail means you will gain valuable insight into the health of your roof and bring to light any issues in regards to poorly carried out installations as well as deterioration due to elements. Our roof inspection services are available to both residential and commercial clients across Moreton Bay.

We Provide The Following Roof Inspection Services Across Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Roof Inspections

Our experienced roof inspections are well versed in both Australian roofing standards (AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3 and SA HB 39 2015) as well as manufacturers instructions and this is key to getting the best report possible. Arranging a roof inspection is a great idea before sale as it is an often overlooked area when it comes to the standard building inspections that are carried out at this time.

Our roof reports are designed to be easily read and each area of concern is presented with reference pictures to assist with clarity. For each issue we identify we will also provide excerpts from any relevant sections of the building codes it is violating and give recommendations in regards to resolving it. Our roof inspection reports are designed to give you complete peace of mind, knowing you have the full picture.

Moreton Bay Roof Inspections

Moreton Bay Roof Condition Reports

If you have had a roof recently installed our roof condition report is a great way to make sure everything done was to code and manufacturers instructions. While it is an exception to the rule, your roof is the hardest part of your building to access and this sometimes results in contractors taking shortcuts in regards to labor and materials.

When installations are not carried out correctly it risks voiding any warranties you have on materials. This can result in a hefty financial outlay down the line in order to repair your roof. Having one of our roof condition reports also makes it easier to resolve any issues with your original roofing contractor as our word holds great weight within the industry.

Moreton Bay Roof condition report

Architectural Design Review of Roof Plans

Our architectural review service is offered in order to prevent issues before they happen as well as provide recommendations for improvements before installation is carried out. Our decades of experience working on every type of roof you can imagine means we have learnt the most common mistakes made during the planning phase and by taking advantage of this you can save money now and into the future.

By recommending improvements we can also improve the building as a whole, resulting in quicker construction times. When Roof Inspection Reports were asked to carry out a review of the Commonwealth Sports Stadium plans we were able to save them a significant amount in construction costs as well as improving the acoustics of the building. These results can only come from an intimate understanding of roofing standards and practices.

Architectural Design Review of Roof Plans

Regular Roof Maintenance Across Moreton Bay

Ask yourself this: how many times have you been on your roof? For many the answer is none and this is why having roof maintenance carried out is a great idea. We have mentioned manufacturers warranties in regards to proper installation methods but they are also at risk due to poorly maintained roofs. By being proactive and having maintenance carried out you are better protected should a defect require remedy.

As a rule of thumb we recommend roof maintenance be carried out by a professional every 6 months. This is due to the fact that an issue with your roofing can cause a trickle down effect on the rest of your structure. If water is allowed into the framework and insulation under your roofing it can cause significant damage which can require a significant investment in order to fix.

moreton bay roof maitenance

Moreton Bay Roof Inspection Case Studies

Interested In Our Moreton Bay Roof Inspections?

Our roof inspection and maintenance services are available to everyone from residential to commercial to strata managed buildings. Our services are focused around preventing further issues down the line which saves you both time and money in the long run. All of our reports are detailed, easy to understand and carry a significant weight when looking to resolve issues with suppliers and installers.

If you are in the Moreton Bay region and would like to know more about our roof inspection services, contact us on 0418 677 524 to talk with a qualified professional. We offer obligation free quotes and are happy to walk you through the process so you can understand the purpose behind each step we take. Should you wish for us to get back to you via email simply contact us online and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.