Kangaroo Point Roof Inspection Purpose:

Provide a roof condition report. Provide recommendations to extend longevity and be compliant with relevant codes including SA HB 39 Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Installation.

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Findings & Recommendations Report For Kangaroo Point Inspection:

Discovered multiple installation errors that were not compliant to standards. The following recommendations were given:

  • Safety Anchor Points have been installed directly through the pan of the sheeting and non-compliant to manufacturers instructions. This Installation does not permit thermal movement of the sheeting. Failure will occur around these locations. We recommend these anchor points be removed and compliant Anchor points be installed on top of the ribs.
  • Synthetic Decktite flashing are non-compliant and are ponding. We recommend that tray flashings be installed from the apex to the penetrations. Ponding reduces the life of the sheeting.
  • Over-flashing trim has not been installed to Box gutter. This potentially allows the ingress of water between the gutter and the bottom of the roof sheet.
  • Parapet caps have no external fixings or concealed fixings and non-compliant to HB 39 section 8.
  • Pressure sealed flashing has failed at abutment to wall. Also there is no flashings installed to sides of skylights. Neither installation is compliant to HB 39 section 8.
  • Roof sheeting not installed to manufacturers recommendations. Rib of roof sheet is not lapped correctly to manufactures recommendations. Sealant has been used to rectify this issue but has failed.
  • The roof sheets at the ridgeline have not been folded up as per manufactures recommendations. A foam infill has been installed however. This is of concern. We recommend the capping be temporarily removed the sheet ends turned up correctly and the ridge capping re-fitted.
  • Flashings have been segmented creating multiple joints to create a curve with no allowance for thermal movement.
  • Screws that have not been installed correctly have sealant applied. We recommend screws removed and nrescrews installed with 25 mm aluminium bonded washers. This will allow for thermal movement at ends of long sheets.
  • The abutment of the metal flashing to the lift shaft is a potential leak issue. The joint has been seal but over time could fail due to poor design.
  • The aerial conduit clips have been screwed directly to the metal flashing. This typically compromises the integrity of the flashing.
  • Conduits with non-compliant flashing s where they penetrate the roofing capping exist, silicon only typically fails. Visible Failure to joints. Due to the History of recent Water ingress we recommend a re-visit during the next significant rain event to witness the cause of current water ingress.

Kangaroo Point is an inner southern suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Kangaroo Point had a population of 8,063 people. The suburb features two prominent attractions, the Story Bridge and Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

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