Certification of Roof Safety Systems

Owners and occupiers of buildings have certain obligations under workplace health and safety laws to take care of the people working at their property. Roofs on commercial properties are required to comply with certain standards, including AS/NZS 1891.4 regarding ‘Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices’. This standard requires that roof safety systems be fitted where required. These roof safety systems are to allow work on roofs to be conducted safely by employees and contractors undertaking maintenance work.

The staff at Roof Inspection Reports have seen many instances where roof safety systems have not been provided in compliance with the Australian Standard. Not only does this risk the safety of people working on the roof, it also means potential liability for the building owner or occupier should an accident occur. The law imposes responsibilities on both the lessee and the lessor of rented premises, as well as on owner-occupiers, to provide safe work premises.

Whether you own or lease an industrial building, it is in your interests to have an inspection performed by Roof Inspection Reports. As well as ensuring you are aware of any defects and required maintenance for your roof, if your roof is required to have an industrial fall-arrest system, our report will let you know whether your roof is compliant with the Australian Standard. Where non-compliance is detected, we will advise you of what is required to be done to meet the standard. Roof safety systems require certification periodically – the required time period varies from state to state:

• ACT 6 monthly
• NSW 12 monthly
• NT 6 monthly
• Qld 6 monthly
• SA 6 monthly
• VIC 6 monthly
• WA 6 monthly

Roof Inspection Reports can perform this periodic certification for you to ensure full legislative compliance.

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