Home owners: What to demand from a roof inspection

Roof Inspection Reports have 35 years of industry experience that you can trust. Whether for a home you already own or one you are contemplating buying, having the roof inspected by a dedicated professional is a must.

Here we discuss what home-owners should look for in a roof inspection and why.

Alerting you to roof weaknesses and risks

A competent roof inspection will detect any defects in the roof of an existing building, and any issues that might be likely to develop into problems in the future that would call for repairs.

An inspection on a new dwelling should take place before you close out with the contractors. It will ascertain whether the roof has been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the design specifications, and according to Australian standards.

Impartiality, thoroughness and reliability

A roof inspection has particular value when it is conducted by in independent professional who has no stake in the sale of the home or investment property or other buyer services. At Roof Inspection Reports, we are proudly impartial, and frank and fearless in our advice. You should settle for nothing less.

A thorough report will cover, at a minimum:

  • ensuring correct installation
  • identifying actual or potential risks or faults
  • diagnosing existing problems, e.g., leaks
  • assuring that roof design is fit for purpose
  • proposing a maintenance schedule
  • certifying all relevant standards and systems.

Roof inspections are a specialised service. Don’t settle for one by a building inspector. Look for specialised expertise, such as is offered by Roof Inspection Reports.

Certifications and compliance

A roof inspection by Roof Inspection Reports will let you know with confidence whether your roof is compliant with all of the relevant Australian Standards. And if we detect non-compliance, we will advise you so that you can ensure you meet compliance in the most efficient and cost-effective ways.

No corners cut = long-term savings

It is simply not worth it to try to cut corners on roofs. As we have said, you should not settle for a roof report conducted by a generalist building inspector. And, especially, don’t opt to leave out a roof report altogether in your hurry to close a sale. The “savings” are an illusion, even possibly a dangerous one and very likely an expensive one.

You are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the people under your roof. Roof Inspection Reports provides roof reports you can trust. Safe as houses.