Roof Ventilation

While most people will consider their roofs primary function to be the protection from rain and hail as well as maintaining the integrity of the structure it also performs a vital part in keeping the temperature of your home stable.

Australia is a place of great extremes when it comes to weather. You will experience the bitter cold (though not nearly as bad as other countries) and overwhelming heat. By making sure your home has proper ventilation you can keep your home cool or warm depending on your current climate. When your roof is able to maintain a desirable temperature it means you save costs on powering air conditioners and fans.

Why is roof ventilation important?

When the Australian summer hits your roof can experience temperatures of up to 70 degrees. While it may be hard to believe on paper if you have ever had to venture into your roof cavity you will have had first hand experience of the heat that propagates within it. When the day turns to evening the drop in temperature can also cause moisture to develop which means mould and further repair.

A proper roof ventilation system will ensure the air in your roof is constantly circulated whether it be hot or cold. Properly placed inlets and outlets are essential to carrying out proper ventilation and will allow fresh air in and move the stale air out along with any moisture problems it may present.

Making sure your roof is well ventilated not only keeps your homes temperature regulated but also saves you money in more than one way. You save money from reduced power bills due to not needing to run the aircon 24/7 but also save money from costly repairs that may need to be carried out in the future due to damage caused by moist air.

If your home doesn’t have existing ventilation Roof Inspection Reports can provide you with the best possible placements which will give you the best possible results. Our experience and knowledge means we can ascertain the best course of action no matter the design of the roof or the materials used to build it.

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