Roof Inspections for Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is probably the last thing on your mind. When you build or buy a house you assume that your roof has been built too last, and it has. But even objects which have been built to last need repairs and maintenance.


You may have spotted a small leak coming from a corner of the house and think nothing of. This leak is eventuating form somewhere and as time goes by the leak will get larger, the damage more significant until your minor issue becomes one of epic proportions.


Avoiding issues minor or major is very easy. Adopt a proactive approach to your roofs maintenance and upkeep by having a regular (minimal annual) check-up by roof inspectors Brisbane industry leaders who specialise in roof evaluations. Your building and pest inspector is not proficient enough to identify the slight anomalies and abnormities which are evident with roof damage. Half the time they conduct their evolutions from ground level, not very affective really.


Find out about your leaks earlier rather than later. This can save you thousands of dollars as a private home owner and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for owners of commercial or industrial buildings. Your friendly, experienced and knowledgeable roof inspectors Brisbane from Roof Inspection Reports operate across Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast in the north down the NSW Border.

Our team can find leaks which are not obvious to the untrained eye. By highlighting such concerns early on you are in a better positon to take preventative action rather than waiting till it obvious you have a serious problem.

As part of our comprehensive service we will check your gutters, drainage, down spouts, roof installation process and more. We will ensure that your roof has been constructed to code and manufactures guidelines.


You will be provided with a written report on all our finding, accompanied by photographic evidence of areas of concern allowing to clearly see what we are referencing. This makes it easy to show maintenance crew what need repairing without confusion.


Many insurance companies require roof inspection reports before agreeing to coverage. This is particularly true on commercial and industrial buildings. They want to ensure the structural integrity of buildings. Other reasons for having a roof inspection performed is for financial and accounting purposes allowing businesses to allocate funds correctly.

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