Roof Safety – Why Hiring A Professional Makes Sense

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof, it can be tempting to break out the ladder and head on up to check it out. The problem with this is the inherent danger that comes with working on your roof, combined with the lack of roof safety measures people often undertake. It goes without saying that a fall from your roof can cause significant injury or worse, but this doesn’t stop people from risking it all to save a few dollars.

A lack of preparation and foresight can often be cited as the primary reason for injury when working on a roof. Even as roofing professionals with decades of experience under our belt, we always follow a strict set of protocols when working on a roof. Often the risk is not worth it as in order to make the endeavour as fruitful as possible, a proper understanding of what to look for is required. There is no point risking life and limb if you don’t know what signs you should be on the lookout for.

Before taking the trip up to your roof, you should consider how at risk you are. Do you have the proper safety equipment? Are the conditions safe for you to traverse the roof without issue? Are you insured, not only for medical but for loss of wages should you no longer be able to work while injured? These are just a few reasons for concern when carrying out any work on your roof.

proper roof safety

Here Are Some Common Roofing Hazards To Look For

Loose Guttering

Many people will attempt to gain access to the roof by placing a ladder up against their guttering. Over time it is reasonable to expect that your guttering will experience some wear and tear and this may leave it loose. This makes getting on and off the roof extremely dangerous, which is further exacerbated by people grabbing it when getting on or off the ladder.

Roofing Is Slippery

It is common to notice issues with your roofing during wet weather due to leaks. As water can be quite destructive to the internal structure of your home, it can be very tempting to get on there as soon as possible to try and determine the cause. Your roof is on an angle which makes it very slippery so it pays to wait until the sun has done its job before contemplating the trip.

Roof Structure Is Compromised

Depending on the internal structure of your roof, you may not notice that there is an issue until it has lowered its structural integrity. This makes any attempts to walk on it a very dangerous prospect that should always be avoided. If you notice water damage on your ceiling, you should always check from the inside first to make sure the roof is safe to walk on.

Falling Through Your Ceiling

We just recommended that you check the roof from your ceiling before climbing up but this also presents a very common risk. If you slip, trip or lose your balance while walking along the beams there is a good chance you are going to punch right through your ceiling. We have seen folks with their legs dangling through their ceiling enough times to strongly suggest great care when traversing your internal roofing.

Loose Tiles

This is an extremely dangerous scenario that should always be respected if you have a tiled roof. Loose tiles can slip, resulting in you losing your footing and tumbling down. They can also start a chain reaction, with a whole row sliding down in a similar fashion to a landslide. This means not only will you fall off the roof but you may be struck by the tiles continuing to fall after you land.

Professionals Practise Roof Safety At All Times

Practising proper roof safety procedures is something that any respectable professional will do, regardless of their experience in the industry. We value our staff’s safety above all else and urge you to always do the same with your own safety when contemplating accessing your roof. The cost of hiring an experienced professional to carry out an inspection of your roof is nothing compared to the risk of injury and financial impact of being seriously injured.

To talk with one of our inspectors about arranging a roof inspection, give us a call on 0418 677 524. You can also contact us online to have us get back to you via email. We also provide roof safety system certifications should you have something like an industrial fall-arrest system installed on your roof. If you are concerned about roof safety we urge you to get in touch with us for sound advice backed by decades of experience.