Roof Repairs & Insurance

If you find yourself facing roof damage due to damage caused by storms or the effect of time then it pays to understand what your home insurance policy covers.

General Deterioration

Nothing can withstand the pressure of time and your roof is no different. While making sure any work carried out on your roof during maintenance or installation is of the highest quality you cannot prevent wear and tear. The main concern with this is that having a pre-existing issue with your roof and gutters can void a claim made should a storm cause damage.

When an insurer sends out an inspector to validate a claim they will note any work that should have been carried out before the damage in question occurred. It is no secret that insurance companies like to avoid paying out on claims and making sure your roof is in good condition means you have a better chance of being successful.

By organising a roof inspection by Roof Inspection Reports you can get complete peace of mind that you are covered should an incident occur. We will note every issue that is present and also any potential issues that may cause you a headache down the road. We will also make recommendations for the best course of action. As we are a popular choice for insurance companies when they want to validate a claim we know what to look for.

Storm & Fire Damage

Much like general deterioration discussed above, whether a insurer will pay out a claim or not when it comes to storm and fire damage is a chicken or the egg situation. Let’s say the issue is a storm causing your roof to leak through, damaging your ceiling and walls. You may think this is a clear cut case for your insurer but the question will be raised as to what caused the leak.

If the roof was in poor condition and needed work carried out before the storm then it will be deemed preventable. While the water did come because of the storm the reason it was able to make its way through is due to negligence and this means no payout. Again the best way to prevent this is to be proactive in organising an inspection. If your roof is 15-20 years old then you should definitely be organising an inspection.

Faulty Installations & Poor Workmanship

While we work with the best roof repair and restoration experts it can be all too common for us to arrive on site for an inspection to see poor quality work has been carried out. Making sure any work carried out on your roof is up to code is also of vital importance as this can also cause a voided claim.

It is for this reason that you should always have a roof inspection carried out by a third party such as RIR when building a new home or commercial building as well as when any work is carried out. While the extra cost might not be appealing it is better than dealing with a much bigger bill down the line.

Brisbane Roof Inspection Specialists

Roof Inspection Reports carry out insurance claim validations as part of our everyday operations. We have been trusted by massive development firms to ensure their new stadium roofs have been constructed correctly and take the same approach when dealing with your home. We will carry out a thorough inspection and note any particular issues we find, presenting them to you with supporting documents or images as well as recommendations for repairs. Call us on 0418 677 524 or contact us online to organise a roof inspection.