Regular Roof Maintenance

We naturally recommend that you have your roof maintenance performed on a regular basis. As part of our services we offer a scheduled routine inspection of your roof to identify faults, changes and areas of concern. In the event that damage is detected we will advise you allowing you take immediate action, implementing preventative action rather than waiting for a problem to escalate costing you thousands or more in corrective work.

As roof systems can deteriorate from normal wear, severe weather conditions, building movement and improper design or construction the benefits of regular inspections are that they will provide you with continual updates on your roofs quality. In the event that regular roof maintenance and inspections are not carried out the structures quality may progress to a stage where replacement is the only option, a rather costly exercise that could be easily avoided.

The main objectives our routine inspections and reports are to:

  • Determine if the roof system is working according to its intended purpose
  • Identify signs of decline, hazard and weakness from natural or other causes
  • Identify areas where repair is needed
For further information regarding the recommended intervals and frequency of roof inspections please contact us today!