When determining whether to honour a claim many insurance companies will turn to Roof Inspection Reports to ascertain the cause of damage. In Queensland, this is most commonly an occurrence after extreme storms and weather. After a storm passes through claims are often submitted for water damage caused by leaking and damaged roofs.

Even though the storm has passed through and leaks have started this is no guarantee that your claim will be accepted. When we inspect a damaged roof we aim to determine if the damage was caused solely by the weather and no other contributing factors are in play such as:

  • Non-compliant to the relevant codes of practice
  • Poor workmanship
  • Wear and tear /maintenance issues

If any of these factors are contributing to the damage caused then it is a good chance that the claim will not be accepted. This means it is imperative that you engage a qualified professional to give you a complete and thorough report on the condition of your roof that contains a list of issues that are currently present as well as outlines any potential issues you may be facing as time goes on.

The need for assessors to get a complete and unbiased report and roof assessment means Roof Inspection Reports are a trusted name in the industry. We conduct all of our inspections with adherence to Worksafe regulations.

If you are buying a new home, office space or even renovating an existing space then you would be remiss not to have a qualified and trusted professional inspect your roof to make sure you have the best chance for any future potential claims to be accepted. Dealing with storm damage is a stressful time for anyone managing a property and a rejected insurance claim can play havoc on your savings and budget.

Roof Inspection Reports are Insurance Claim Specialists

Don’t risk having to pay for your roof repair during an already stressful situation. By getting a professional roof inspection you can be made aware of any issues which may reduce the chances of your claim being accepted and get expert advice on what work should be carried out to rectify them.

As a trusted name that is often called on to qualify claims by insurance companies we know what boxes need ticking. Contact Roof Inspection Reports today on 0418 677 524 or visit our contact page to fill out our form to have a qualified inspector call you back to discuss your needs.