Ideal Times To Get A Gold Coast Roof Condition Report

A roof condition report is a great way to get a complete picture of the state your roof is in. From having problems with your roof to considering an expensive investment there are many reasons why you might want to better understand the condition of your roof. Many roofing issues start small and become costly and stressful problems if not addressed. Because of this, it can be difficult to know when you need to consult an expert to prevent a problem before disaster strikes.

If you are ever concerned about your roof, we always recommended getting a qualified roofing expert to take a look. But there are also times when getting a roof condition report first can save you time and money. Backed by over 35 years of experience these are the ideal times to get a Gold Coast roof condition report.

New Roof Installed

Whether it’s part of a new build or your roof is being completely replaced, getting a roof condition report before signing off on the installation is a smart investment. Given how important your roof is in terms of protecting your home or office it makes sense to ensure the work is carried out correctly. This makes not only choosing the right roofing contractor extremely important but also engaging a qualified roof inspector to take a look afterwards to tick all the boxes and ensure that your investment is sound.

Incorrect installation of new roofing is actually very common and we see it regularly when we complete our roof inspections. Our comprehensive reports check your new roof installation against the manufacturers’ installation instructions, Australian Standards and building codes, and the original design, ensuring the longevity of your roof and affording you peace of mind that everything has been done correctly.

Our detailed reports are easy to understand and identify any issues with your newly installed roof. By acting quickly with your roof condition report it’s easier to hold contractors accountable to rectify any problems.

Gold Coast Roof Condition Report

Purchased A Home

Buying a home, or any property, is a big investment and the roof is the main thing protecting that investment as well as everything inside. Getting a building report is a common part of your due diligence for purchasing a new property but a dedicated roof condition report is also an important step.

While a building inspection may make some assessment of the condition of your roof, the average building inspector will not have the necessary expertise to complete a comprehensive roof condition report. By choosing a specialist third-party roof inspector like us you know we will provide an honest and in-depth report on the roof condition and potential problem areas that may need to be addressed.

By understanding exactly what condition the roof is in you can make an informed decision about purchasing the property. You can also our reports to help plan and cost out repairs and maintenance before any problems become major.

Gold Coast Roof Condition Report

Had Solar Installed

Installing solar panels for your home or business is a great investment to both reduce your power bills and help protect the planet. Adding any attachment to your roof should be considered carefully and much like building a new roof it’s important to choose the right contractor and have a roof inspection to ensure the job was done properly.

Roof damage can be easily caused by incorrect or inexperienced installation of the racking that attaches the solar panel to your roof. Without proper care and attention just having workers moving around on your roof can lead to costly damages. Protect your roof and your solar panels and confidently know the panels are securely mounted, penetrations are properly sealed and no other damage was caused in the process of the installation.

Installing solar panels is already a sizable investment and having to fork out ever more money for costly repairs is something that is easily avoided by knowing the condition of your roof before installation.

Gold Coast Roof Condition Report

Leaking Gutters

Leaky gutters are a warning sign that something is not right on your roof. While it may just be a sign your gutters need a cleaning, it can also point to many more severe problems. So if your gutters are clean with no obvious blockages and a leak persists it’s time to consult an expert to find the cause of the problem.

Leaking and overflowing gutters can cause serious damage on their own, with water often escaping external gutters into the eaves to cause significant damage. Water is also heavy and excess water weight in your gutter can cause external gutters to rip off your roof entirely. Valley gutters running between sections of your roof can also be prone to serious problems where water begins pooling or even flowing in the wrong direction due to blockages, damage to the gutter or poor design.

Whatever the cause, a comprehensive roof condition report can tell you what is causing your leaky gutters, what can be done to fix them, and the extent of any damage the leak has already caused.

Gold Coast Roof Condition Report

Before Storm Season

Preparing for storm season is just a part of living in Queensland, and preparing your roof is an important step. Getting a roof condition report before storm season can help you prevent potential roof problems and make insurance claims easier if anything does happen to your roof.

Proper maintenance is key to preventing a sudden roofing failure during a storm, and a roof inspection is the first step to understanding exactly which parts of your roof need attention. With fierce winds and pouring rains being proactive can help prevent those costly repairs. Dealing with insurers is never easy and can be even more stressful if you’re trying to make a claim after your roof has been damaged. With a comprehensive roof condition report, you have an easy way to help speed up your claim by proving to your insurer your roof was in good condition before the storms.

Many issues and potential leaks can be found during a thorough roof inspection well before you notice any issues from the ground or inside the house. As an independent third party with decades of experience in the roofing industry, we offer honest and easy-to-understand roofing reports with expert advice to help you make informed decisions.

Gold Coast Roof Condition Report

Now Is The Time To Get A Roof Condition Report For Your Gold Coast Home Or Business

The only bad time to get a roof inspection report is too late. By being proactive and keeping up with proper care and maintenance your roof will last for many years to come. If you’re concerned about the state of your roof, are planning works or are already experiencing issues a comprehensive roof condition report from our experts can help you understand the full picture.

Our knowledgeable team are always happy to discuss your roofing concerns and answer any questions so you can make smart, fully-informed decisions. Contact us today and arrange for your roof condition report.