Buying a property? Get a roof inspection report

If you are considering buying a property, do not neglect to get a professional, dedicated roof inspection report. Your future home is likely to be your most valuable asset, so don’t take risks with it – financial risks or safety risks.

We are a neutral party to the sale, and we will give you frank and fearless advice. You can trust us to provide you with information about the state of a roof that is not only impartial, but also straightforward and easy to understand and act on. Depending on what we find in our inspection, you might be able to use our report to negotiate price or demand repairs before sale.

What a roof inspection report covers

Our reports are thorough and exacting. You can expect us to:

  • identify any actual or potential risks or flaws
  • provide an analysis of the installation, with information about whether it is correct to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • diagnose any problems such as leaks
  • give you an assurance that the roof is fit for purpose generally
  • propose a suitable maintenance schedule
  • certify the roof to all applicable standards.

You can trust an inspection report from Roof Inspection Reports. Don’t settle for anything less.

Why a specialist roof inspection?

Given that your home is likely your most valuable asset, it is incredible that so many people are willing to cut corners on it. A specialist roof inspection is simply a must. Only a specialist professional roof inspector can inspect with confidence for roof flaws and possible future risks. Plus, as specialists, we have expert knowledge on all aspects of relevant compliance matters when it comes to roofing.

So, don’t settle for a generalist building inspection. Only a fully qualified and experienced roof inspector can tell you whether, for example, the builders have installed the roof according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And only a fully qualified and experienced specialist roof inspector can assure you that your roof complies with all of the relevant standards.

Contact us today to book a fully professional expert roof inspection report.