Drones for roof inspections?

Roofing in general and roof inspections in particular need the human touch. Roof Inspection Reports is dedicated to keeping abreast of all the latest in technological innovation in the industry. So, we have become aware of the trend, particularly in the US, for the use of drones to aid in roof inspections.

This is a controversial issue, with opinions divided over whether software is as sharp as the human eye or not. The newest drones being used for roofing inspections in the US are equipped with 4K cameras for maximum clarity. Images taken from the 4K cameras can be run through machine learning software to detect anomalies in the images, which indicate the presence of damage.

Some roof inspectors in the US are finding that by flying drones to take photographs over buildings of three stories and higher they can save time and therefore money. The claim is that it also has the potential to increase accuracy.

Automation versus the human touch: The burning question

Automation certainly has its place in the roofing industry. It is used in many of the processes for the manufacture and installation of roofs. But roofing is also an industry that has very high needs for the irreplaceable human touch.

While Roof Inspection Reports acknowledges the potential of drone and camera technology to assist in the preparation of the highest quality, reliable roof inspections, we are not yet prepared to endorse their use.

There remain questions about the accuracy of the camera images – whether a spot in a photograph can be interpreted as accurately as the human eye can interpret it as either a harmless blister or hail damage. We remain committed to the accuracy of our highly experienced and professional eyes.

Roof Inspection Reports will continue to monitor developments in drone and camera technology with a view to continuing to commit to the highest quality professional processes that will support the highest quality roof inspection reports for our clients.

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