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The structural integrity of your roof should be non-negotiable. Before you consider purchasing any property, be sure to engage the expertise of Roof Inspection Reports. You will be rewarded with peace of mind, and avoiding potential safety hazards and financial pitfalls in the future.

However much you might be falling in love with a property, don’t make it a blind love. Buyers often get caught in the emotional side of things when contemplating buying a property. Roof Inspection Reports will give a clear-eyed, expert, honest and impartial thorough report on the safety, quality and integrity of the structure’s roof, and is essential before you purchase. You may find our report helps or changes your decision, and can be used to negotiate price.

Construction on Brisbane’s southside and in Logan is booming, in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Before you buy, be sure to contact Roof Inspection Reports to ensure the quality and integrity of your roof.

Southside Brisbane and Logan home-buyers and investors

So, you have found a residential property on Brisbane’s southside or in Logan that you would like to live in or invest in. Congratulations – these are some of the most liveable and best value properties in the state. But before you sign the paperwork, be sure to invest in a roof inspection from Roof Inspection Reports.

Our highly qualified and experienced roofing experts will inspect your roof and guttering thoroughly inside and out, leaving no stone unturned. Any potential or current issues will be flagged for your attention, so that you can be sure they are fixed before you buy. You can also use our expert reports to negotiate your price and your insurance. Rest assured that you will be able to buy a property with no nasty surprises up ahead in terms of safety and expense.

Commercial properties on Brisbane’s southside and Logan

Don’t let your legitimate concerns for location, square metres, building type and the other items on your property checklist blind you to serious actual or potential roofing issues. Having your roof inspected is just as important to your and staff and clients’ safety and your bottom line as having your electricals, plumbing and flooring inspected. Our highly experienced inspectors will provide you before the sale or lease with a comprehensive written report that covers:

  • findings about the quality, workmanship and condition of all aspects of your roofing and guttering
  • recommendations for work, replacements and maintenance
  • photographs and plans for your reference

Spare yourself trouble and expense down the track and have a full professional roof inspection report carried out by our experts.

Contact Roof Inspection Reports today for an obligation-free quote.