While there is a tendency to see roof inspection as just a part of the planning and building process it can in fact provide a multitude of advantages that can give you a better insight into what’s happening up there and help prevent costly damage from occurring.

The first thing we can ascertain from an inspection is the safety of your current roofing. If your building is a commercial space then being aware of the safety issues your roof faces can help reduce your liability for the people working under it. If it’s your home then your family’s safety is the utmost priority and taking this into consideration can help keep everyone protected.

Another thing we can determine is the lifespan of your roof. Nothing lasts forever and your roof is no exception to this rule. If you are a property manager then you understand the importance of a budget and knowing the lifespan of your roof lets you allocate funds for a replacement ahead of time and prevents costly surprises down the road.

The integrity of your roof is another key consideration for safety. When people think of a roof they typically consider just the outermost material whether it be tiles or metal sheeting. A proper inspection also looks at the beams, joints, joists and guttering. These parts all work to make the whole that is your roof and just like cogs in a machine they all need to be working correctly and in good condition to keep your roof integrity strong.

Being able to anticipate any issues a violent storm may cause is also another major benefit for your roof. In Australia we are exposed to severe storms for large parts of the year. The fact that we reside mostly on the coastal fringe of our country means high winds from the ocean are a frequent occurrence.

With these storms comes violent winds and destructive elements such as hail that can permanently damage your roof. An inspection by Roof Inspection Reports can assess any existing damage from previous storms and also provide suggestions on how to protect it from further damage in the future. We also carry out insurance inspections that help you get the best results possible from a claim you may be trying to get approved.

No matter the results a roof inspection carried out by a qualified professional will give you valuable and actionable insight that will both save you money and keep your occupants safe and sound. Being an independent 3rd party means the information Roof Inspection Reports gives you is unbiased and procured with the roofs best interests in mind.