4 Common Causes Of Roofing Problems

During our decades of experience in inspecting roofing we have noticed certain fixtures tend to be the cause of issues. The issues can come from poor installation, shoddy parts or a combination of both. Given that many fixtures on your roof are covered by warranties, it pays to make sure they are properly installed in order to be able to make a claim should something go awry. So let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of roofing problems.

Dektites Improperly Installed

A dektite is used to flash a pipe or fixture that is penetrating your roofing. Flashing is the process of sealing a fixture so it does not leak. Most Dektites are made from EPDM rubber or silicone and are UV resistant in order to prevent the material from cracking over time. They can also have aluminium along the base which allows you to bend it to suit the form of the roof which is important when working with corrugated roofing.

Problems with dektites can occur if it is not properly trimmed to fit snugly over the pipe to prevent leakage. Poor application of silicone can also be a reason for dektites failing. We have visited several sites where the dektites are not screwed into the roof when they should be, relying on the silicone to keep it secure on the roof. They can also become loose over time, making a roof inspection a great idea if you are unsure about the age of your roofing.

dektites are a Common Cause Of Roofing Problems

Poor Installation Of Solar Panels

Australia has experienced a solar boom over the past decade and with so many companies rushing to ride the wave we have noticed a number of issues arising from poor solar installations. This is mostly due to the number of fixtures, known in solar as racking, that need to be attached to your roof to hold the panels. There is also a concern with inexperienced tradies damaging the roof with foot traffic or carelessness.

It is worth considering a roof inspection before having any work carried out on your roofing. It can be tricky to prove that damage was caused during an installation and by being proactive you leave little wiggle room for would-be offenders to deny culpability. Solar is already a sizable investment and having to fork out ever more money for costly repairs is something that is easily avoided by knowing the condition of your roof prior to installation.

solar panel racking can cause problems

Overloaded External / Valley Gutters

Your external gutters require the most maintenance when compared to the rest of your roofing. We recommend regular cleaning in order to remove debris and prevent the drainage becoming blocked. If heavy rain occurs when your guttering is blocked it can cause water to run over the back of the guttering into your eaves which can result in significant damage. Excess water also adds weight, which can result in the gutter ripping free.

The valley gutter sits between segments of your roofing, directing the flow of water. If the bottom becomes blocked water will find another way to travel which can result in leakage. If your valley guttering is made of iron it can rust over time which also adds to the chance of leaks. Older roofing can feature cement bedding under the valleys which can shift over time, changing the direction of flow.

guttering is a common cause of roofing problems

Aging Ridge Caps For Tiled Roofing

A ridge cap covers the high point where two tiled surfaces meet. They are a necessity when installing a tiled roof and without them water would pour freely into your ceiling whenever it rained. When installed with cement bedding, the ridge caps can degrade over time as they are exposed to the elements, causing the ridge capping to shift. Over time this shifting can lead to the capping becoming loose, resulting in tiles shifting.

Because the mortar used to fix the capping to your roof is not flexible, even the movement of your home can cause it to crack. This is a major issue because the mortar itself is responsible for up to 50% of the cappings strength. If we notice this happening during a roof inspection we will likely want to check the inside of the roofing, looking at the rafters to see if there are any issues present that could be causing more cracking than expected over time.

ridge capping

Concerned About The Condition Of Your Roof?

If you are at all concerned about the condition of your roof after a new installation has occurred, get in touch with Roof Inspection Reports on 0418 677 524 or contact us online to talk with an expert roofing inspector. The cost of a professional roof inspection is only a tiny fraction of what you will be paying if damage caused to your roof makes its way inside your home or office. This makes getting a condition report from a trusted roof inspector a prudent investment.

We also recommend having an inspection carried out before you have work done to your roofing. This gives you a baseline for what condition your roof was in prior to the work. You can request photos be taken by the contractors carrying out the work after they have finished so you can quickly compare them to the reference images in your report. Our roofing inspectors are happy to answer any other questions you may have about these common causes of roofing problems.