Why Having Your New Roof Inspected Makes Sense

The decision to have a new roof installed is a big one and with it comes a significant expenditure. Given how important your roof is in terms of protecting your home or office it makes sense to ensure the work carried out during its installation was of the highest quality possible. This makes not only choosing the right roofing contractor extremely important, but also engaging a qualified roof inspector to take a look afterwards to tick all the boxes and verify that your investment is sound.

This advice can seem a bit strange to people because it’s reasonable to assume that a freshly installed roof does not need an inspection. While the vast amount of roofing contractors perform their work with great care and quality labour, everyone makes mistakes. There are also contractors that are not on the level or are taking on jobs that are too big for them to properly handle. Having your new roof inspected is a way of protecting your investment by identifying any faults or areas that are in violation of Australian building standards.

Acting Sooner Saves Time & Money

As your roof is hard to access it kinda slides into the out of sight, out of mind category of things we deal with on a day to day basis. This means if your new roof was installed poorly there is a good chance you won’t notice anything until it causes enough damage to be noticeable from the inside. By this stage it has already caused a large amount of damage to your internal structure which leaves you on the hook for a sizable repair bill. As time has passed since the installation it also makes it difficult to have the installer take responsibility and repair the damage.

Our roof inspections come with an extremely detailed roof inspection report which outlines any infractions we noticed complete with snippets of building codes they are in violation of. We also provide reference images with the areas of concern highlighted and what steps need to be taken in order to rectify the issue. This makes dealing with your roofing contractor a much easier process as our reports also carry the weight of our reputation in the roofing industry. By having a roof inspection carried out right after the installation of your new roof it also makes it easier to get the contractor back.

new roof inspection

Key Areas Of Concern When Inspecting A New Roof

The interior of your roof is a great place to start as it’s often the place where the most shortcuts are taken. Making sure the quality of construction is of a high standard is a must as this forms the foundation of your roofing structure. By checking the interior we are also able to find any leaks that may have occurred since installation. Once we are satisfied with the interior we would move onto checking the external in order to establish the structure of your roof is solid. This means checking for sagging / warping and making sure the fascia is properly installed.

We will also take a look at what materials were used during the installation and make sure any warranty conditions were violated. This also extends to fixtures such as ventilation and skylights that are key areas for concern when it comes to leaks. A lot of people are unaware that materials and fixtures come with warranties and this is another reason why having your new roof inspected as soon as possible is a great idea.

new roof inspection

We also want to establish the quality of work that was carried out during the installation of your new roofing. We are looking for screws that are missing or not properly sealed, dents in the roofing material from foot traffic or poorly finished sections. We have over 3 decades in the roofing industry and have seen just about everything there is when it comes to contractors taking the easy way out. Our detailed reports will cover every aspect of your roof so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Have Your New Roof Inspected By Trusted Professionals

If you have had a new roof installed and would like to tick all the boxes, give Roof Inspection Reports a call on 0418 677 524 to talk with a qualified roof inspector. We cater to residential and commercial clients across the east coast of Australia, from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. Take advantage of our decades of knowledge and experience in order to make sure your new roof is sound. You can also contact us online to have us get back to you with any information you might require.