Metal roofing on the rise

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. It is valued for its strength and longevity and hence favoured by insurers. Many find that they are prepared to pay a little more for metal roofing for the peace of mind it provides.

This roofing solution is endlessly versatile and can take on the look of other roofing options but with superior wind, impact and algae resistance. Metal roofing is also suitable for more choice than other options for colour.

It doesn’t require heavy equipment to install, either. The primary tools for installation are fairly basic and also fairly inexpensive. Roofing contractors will need just:

  • Metal snips – a lightweight tool used to separate the metal panels and cut them to the right length.
  • Impact driver – like a combination of a drill and a high-powered ratchet that delivers more power and torque than a screwdriver. Used to secure the metal panels to the roof sheathing.
  • Hand seamer – used to make accurate, clean angle bends in the sheet metal. A strong and versatile tool for all for all kinds of metal detailing work.

Roof inspections for metal roofing

Roof Inspection Reports notes the trend to metal roofing and offers expertise in roof inspections for these roofs in all their guises.

We are market leaders in roof inspections for south-east Queensland and around the nation, with over 35 years of experience in the trade.

Roof Inspection Reports is proud to offer thorough, unbiased and reliable inspections of roof design and construction. Our service is impartial and independent of any roofing company. We will ensure that all relevant standards are met and exceeded and diagnose actual and potential problems.

Ensure the protection of your valuable asset – your roof – and everyone who uses it.

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