The decision to have your roof inspected can be spurred on by many things, including deciding to put your property on the market, or noticing either differences in temperature or new sounds. Over time, your roof bears the brunt of elemental exposure, and things like rain, hail and the sun can stress and damage the material that it is made of. When your roof becomes damaged, it creates a domino-like effect that can result in more damage permeating throughout the house.

Storm season in Queensland can start as early as September, which makes now the perfect time to get ahead of any potential issues and call on Roof Inspection Reports to deliver a sound and thorough report that is backed by decades of experience. Hiring a professional that specialises in roof inspections is crucial in getting the right information about the health of your roof, along with what steps can be taken to prevent or rectify any future damage that may be on the horizon.

Another reason to hire a roof inspection specialist is the fact that they are an independent entity who will operate with your safety and financial wellbeing in mind; as opposed to someone who may be looking to avoid having to redo a job that they had previously completed in poor fashion. We are able to provide our service at any stage of your project, including construction, design, purchase or ownership.

Our most common reasons for hiring a qualified roof inspection service are:

  • Owner has noticed leaks or drafts appearing and would like to find the source. This can also include blocked gutters or black stains appearing on the inner roofing material.
  • A new build has happened and the final product needs to be inspected to ensure that the proper materials and installation methods have been used. If a material has a manufacturer’s specification in terms of use or installation procedures, the warranty could be voided if they are not followed correctly.
  • Approval of a roof about to be built based on designs supplied by an architect. Before work gets started, we are able to provide information and insight as to whether suggested materials are appropriate for the climate and conditions.
  • A lease is changing hands, and the new tenants want to make sure that the building is in good condition so as to avoid any unforeseen costs down the road.

Getting a proper inspection means that it can also be used when dealing with matters of insurance. As Roof Inspection Reports has become a trusted name in the industry, getting a stamp of approval on your roofing can mean a big difference in your rates and approval for your applications.

Calling on a professional to inspect your roof can save you money now and into the future by giving you a complete and detailed report that also outlines solutions to resolve any issues. Contact Phil at Roof Inspection Reports today to get the best quality report possible.