When Is The Right Time For A Roof Inspection?

For the most part people tend to view roof inspections as a service best used before purchasing or selling a property. While this is always recommended we wanted to highlight some other times where having your roof inspected by an experienced professional is not only good advice but also serves to save you both time and money down the track.

After Renovations / Additions

If you have just had a new roof installed or additional elements placed on it such as ventilation or solar panels we recommend having a professional take a look to make sure the work was carried out correctly and that no shortcuts or shoddy work has led to your roof being damaged. Even something as simple as a poorly installed screw can cause a trickle down effect should ingress occur.

By having an industry leader compile a detailed roof inspection report that contains reference images, snippets of building codes that have been violated, as well as recommendations for repair you also make it easier to get the original contractor to come back and fix the issues they may have caused. This eliminates a massive amount of stress that can come from unnecessary confrontations.

right time for roof inspection

Before / After Storm Season

In South East Queensland Summertime means storm season and with this comes damaging winds and high levels of rain. Both of these elements can work as a 1-2 punch for your roof with the wind causing structural damage and the water seeping in to cause further issues inside your ceiling. Large amounts of rain can also place significant stress on your gutters, an often overlooked component of your roof.

By being proactive and having a roof inspection carried out before the storms hit you are able identify key areas of concern and have maintenance carried out to rectify them. Given how damaging water can be to your internal structure, taking the time to get ahead of any issues just makes sense financially. Having an inspection carried out after storms is a great way to catch damage you might not have noticed before it escalates.

right time for roof inspection

Regular Roof Inspections

We recommend a roof inspection be carried out every 6 months in order to keep track of your roof’s condition as well as highlight any areas of concern. Your roof is the first line of defence against the elements and being proactive in maintaining its health benefits you now and into the future while giving you peace of mind your internal structure is properly protected against ingress and other threats.

We provide regular roof inspections for strata companies as well as commercial and residential properties. Any issues found will be listed in one of our detailed reports complete with pictorial evidence and recommendations to extend the longevity of your roof. You can then give this report to contractors, committees or boards in order to expedite the approval or repair process.

right time for roof inspection

Need A Roof Inspected In South East Queensland?

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof give Roof Inspection Reports a call today on 0418 677 524 to arrange an inspection time that suits you. Our inspectors are specialists in this field and our decades of experience mean your roof inspection report will contain valuable insights and recommendations that are aimed to extend your roofs lifespan as well as highlight any areas that need immediate attention.

If you would like to contact us online, please head on over to our contact page and fill in our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with any information you might be looking for.