Roof Inspection Reports offer

When Roof Inspection Reports is invited to conduct an un-bias inspection and accompanying report we literally go over your roof with a fine tooth comb. Our reports cover all aspects which other inspectors may deem unnecessary, giving you a very comprehensive indication of the exact condition of every aspect of your roof. We will cover the following and more in our inspection’;

  • Are there enough screws, are they long enough, are rubber seals in-tact, etc.?
  • Is the roof structure in sound, or other condition?
  • Areas of rust
  • Areas which have been installed in non-compliance
  • Evidence of leaking, where and how significant
  • Evidence of cracking or other general weathering
  • Is guttering sufficient and in working order?
  • Are down pipes sufficient and in working order?

In addition to the inspection and report we offer the added personable service of;

Roof Condition consultation

We do not just hand over the report on completion. We offer the opportunity and encourage our customers to have a consultation with us so we may explain to you in further detail the areas which you may not understand clearly within our report.


On completion of our roof inspection we can provide recommendations on repairs and precautions which need to be adopted and completed to prolong the lifespan of your roof.  The pre-emptive steps which you as the owner need to implement. Concerns can be categorised on urgency, allowing you to make compensation in your budget for any financial impacts associated with repairs or replacement costs.

For a full detailed A to Z inspection and report unlike no other conduction by industry leaders contact Roof Inspection Reports today.