The reasons why you should have an annual roof inspection and why you should choose Roof Inspection reports are:

1. Roof structures need to have regular evaluation and analysis conducted on their structural viability, to highlight areas of concern, faults and damage and which inevitably occur with time. Large roof expanses such as warehouses and commercial buildings are susceptible to a number of roof structure issues which if left unidentified, unattended and unresolved will undoubtedly lead to major and costly repairs.

2. We are roof inspection specialists.

· Roof Inspection Reports is a registered business that specialise in the thorough inspection of and reporting on the structural integrity, finish, condition and safety of all new and older warehouses, factories and commercial buildings throughout Brisbane from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

· Other companies offer roof inspections as an add-on to their general business. The core business for Roof Inspection Reports is conducting comprehensive roof inspections. We thoroughly evaluate, analyse and report on findings for the customer’s peace of mind.

· With extensive experience in the industry, we have conducted myriad warehouse roof inspections over the years for companies large and small looking at purchasing new warehousing or commercial premises for storage, production or manufacturing purposes.

· We are a committed team, up-to-date with all current Building Codes and relevant Australian Standards and Guides to Standards.


· Our inspectors are all individually very highly experienced in their chosen field of expertise. They are fully committed to their role and accountabilities associated with conducting warehouse roof inspections among other types of inspection, and the accurate and timely completion of accompanying reports. They understand the serious significance of their factual reports in providing information for companies and investors looking to invest in property for expansion or start up purposes.

·Each of our inspectors has conducted myriad warehouse roof inspections for clients across Brisbane, reporting on defects, highlighting faults and making recommendations on corrective action.

·Have extensive experience in inspecting a range of structures and buildings from warehouses and commercial buildings to offices, homes, townhouses, apartments, shopping centres and more.

For all you warehouse roof inspection reports and evaluations, contact the experts in the industry at Roof Inspection Reports. We provide only honest information for clients.