Storm season is coming

With the storm and cyclone season now upon us, it is timely to consider the good reasons to get your roof inspected.

Poor roof maintenance can have severe and serious consequences. These can be financial, structural, and to do with precious health and safety. Residents of Brisbane will be aware that storm activity over the summer can result in damaged roofs being lifted off and/or collapsing.

Annual roof inspections the key

Many homes have roofs that appear to be in sound condition but are actually harbouring dangerous underlying issues. Many of these underlying issues won’t be visible to the naked eye of non-professionals. This is why Roof Inspection Reports recommends annual inspections on houses and commercial buildings, no matter their size or the complexity of the building. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to roofs in Brisbane’s summer storm season.

Now is the time for a roof inspection

The expert professional inspectors at Roof Inspection Reports can easily identify potential issues and advise you on how to rectify or mitigate them. This applies to problems with water penetration, incorrect installation, dangerously loose roofing and subtle but potentially risky damage that has been caused by severe weather in the past. Now, before storm season gets fully underway, is the best time to have your roof professionally inspected.

This advice applies equally to domestic and commercial buildings of any size.

Storm season: Visible ceiling or roof problems are your cue to act

Storm season can bring to our attention roof leaks that are more easily ignored at milder times of the year. It offers the perfect opportunity to address these potentially troublesome problems.

The most common tell-tale sign of roof damage and leaking is water marks around the cornices of the ceiling. However, if you can see this damage with your naked eye, you can be sure that your roof damage is well-progressed. These are signs that you are in the late stages of roof damage from weathering.

So, if you can see visible signs of damage or you have leaks, now is the time to act. The trustworthy professionals at Roof Inspection Reports will identify your roofing problems and advise you about the safest and most economical ways of addressing them.

Roofs are too expensive and important to take for granted. For the safety of your family, tenants or employees, contact Roof Inspection Reports today to arrange an inspection.