If you are looking to do some DIY work on your roof then you would be well advised to take careful consideration towards what safety protocols and equipment you will need to employ to keep yourself safe and injury free while carrying out your work. This is an often overlooked part of the process when carrying out improvements to your roof or even installing seasonal decorations.

While you may think a short trip up top requires little planning it only takes a moment for things to go from normal to dangerous and falling off your roof can lead to serious injuries and sometimes even death depending on the height.

Consider the Conditions

Make sure you look into the weather you can expect to experience on the day you intend to carry out work on your roof. The obvious threat to look out for is rain and if this is the case then you should plan to carry out your work on another day. There is no reason to work on a roof in the rain and any lightning present only serves to heighten the danger.

On the opposite end of the scale if the day is extremely hot you should also be wary. Not only does this make the surface you are walking on extremely hot it also presents you with exhausting work conditions. Proper sun care such as hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and a good supply of water are extremely important.

Get the Right Equipment

Without the right equipment you are putting yourself at serious risk of injury. The right footwear is extremely important in order to minimise the risk of falls as well as a good hard helmet. Gloves are important not only for handling materials but also to prevent the heated roof from burning your hands should you need to gain balance.

Making sure you have the right ladder is also extremely important. You need to be able to safely access your roof as well as easily get off. The ladder needs to be able to support your weight plus the weight of your tools and materials. It is a good idea to have your ladder extend 1 meter above the gutter for better access and to prevent it falling.

Perhaps the most important pieces of equipment are ropes and safety harnesses. While these are often viewed as tools for professional contractors their purpose is no less important for anyone else getting up on a roof : they stop you from falling off. No one expects to have an accident and making sure your ropes are of good quality and are anchored correctly is extremely important to preserving your safety. Securing your tools via lanyards is also a great way to keep those below you safe from falling objects.

Are You A Professional? Consult With An Expert

If you are running a business that requires staff or contractors to be working on a roof then the best thing you can do is consult with a experienced professional in order to better understand what safety protocols and equipment you need in place in order to keep your employees safe and your liability at a minimum. Call Roof Inspection Reports on 0418 677 524 or contact us online to organise a consultation.