Solar panels for commercial and public buildings: Order a roof inspection today

Many owners and managers of large commercial and public buildings are making the decision to go solar.

Australia has committed to reducing emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. It is not by any means sure we will reach that goal. But many householders are joining the circular economy and putting electricity back on the grid through solar panels. Now the owners and managers of many large commercial and public buildings are following suit.

There are several compelling reasons for this. One is cost, straightforwardly. The energy bills for very large buildings can run to seven figures per annum. Another is seeking to guarantee the stability of the supply. With solar panels there is a greater chance of being able to guarantee this for your large commercial or public building. And then there is concern for clean energy and the environment, which seems to be growing every day in the wider community.

To return to the main point, however, solar energy does represent a way to make very big savings over the long term. However, your roof needs to be in good shape for this to happen. Don’t risk your investment in solar for your large commercial or public building by neglecting to have a professional inspection first.

Solar savings for large buildings: Only if your roof is shipshape

Check for problems with your roof before you overlay it with solar panels. A professional roof inspection will sometimes reveal that while one section is fine, another part of the roof may need to be replaced before you can safely install solar panels. Common problems are rust and damage from air conditioning units.

These issues need to be addressed and rectified if you want to make those attractive long-term savings. Large-scale long-term investments require a particular mindset. You need to be proactive, preventative and always insist on best trade practice and the highest quality materials.

Yearly inspections are a must after you have installed solar panels on your large commercial or public building.

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