Roof safety is our business

At Roof Inspection Reports, we spend our lives thinking about and looking at roof safety. That’s your roof. The safety of roofs and the people and businesses who depend on them are our business.

You can place your trust with Roof Inspection Reports. Let your roofing cares be gone. Our renowned expertise in all aspects of roof safety offers everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

Peace of mind: Roof safety and savings

Our mission is to provide independent and impartial roofing expertise to building owners and residents. We promise to ensure longevity, structural soundness and long-term savings for you. We will do this for you by checking for proper roof design, construction, and making sound and professional recommendations for maintenance and repair.

So what does this mean in practice? The answer is simple. It means keeping you and your investment safe and sound. We do this by being simply the best at what we do. That goes for all of south-east Queensland and Australia-wide too.

Director Philip Beveridge has been providing expertise in all aspects of roofing for 35 years. He is proud to offer an emphasis on prevention in his work. He is also proudly impartial in his approach, offering unparalleled integrity in his straight-talking advice.

Roof safety in the overarching concern of Roof Inspection Reports. That goes hand in hand with protecting building owners and end-users with savings. Making prevention a priority leads to long-term significant savings.

Roof safety services by Roof Inspection Reports

Roof Inspection Reports offers a wide range of roofing services. We are one-stop-shop roofing services professionals. Please contact us today with any roofing concerns or requests.

Our popular roof safety services include:

  • roof condition reports that focus on compliance in all aspects of installation and ensuring that suppliers’ warrantees are authenticated
  • pre-purchase inspections for considering buyers of large-scale buildings and family homes that examine roofs closely for any signs of structural problems or other potential risks, and can be used in price negotiations on properties.

Roof inspections: quality, impartiality, credibility, roof safety

Whether you are a home owner or landlord or managing or looking to purchase large-scale industrial and commercial buildings, Roof Inspection Reports has the expertise you can count on.

Contact us today for all your roof safety concerns and to book an inspection.