What Businesses Need To Know About Roof Safety Systems

Did you know falling from heights is one of the highest causes of workplace injuries and fatalities in Australia? While safety measures continue to improve there is always danger when working at heights. Roof safety systems are key to ensuring the safety of anyone who accesses the roof of your commercial premises. These systems can take a range of forms from walkways and guardrails to anchor points and fall arrest systems.

Owners and occupiers of commercial buildings have certain obligations under workplace health and safety laws to take care of the people working at their property. So whether staff use the roof to access utilities or other roof-mounted units or you have contractors performing scheduled maintenance you may be required to have some kind of roof safety system in place.

Roof Safety System Compliance

Whether you own or lease a commercial building you have a legal obligation to provide a safe work environment. To ensure the safety of people working on your roof and protect yourself from liability and legal action your roof safety system must be fit for purpose and compliant.

Full compliance consists of several parts including:

  • Proper design and construction of the safety system
  • Appropriate installation, location and type of system for purpose and access needed
  • Regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning
  • Safety certification prior to first use and periodic re-certification

Overal Roof Integrity

Leaks and other problems with your roof can be caused by an improperly installed or maintained roof safety system. For strength and structural integrity safety systems are attached directly to the roof surface or can sometimes punch through it to attach to beams or other structural elements. If this is not done correctly or proper seals are not maintained, leaks can occur causing the roof panelling warranty to be voided and panels to deteriorate faster.

Improper use of safety systems can damage these systems and put additional strain on your roof. Ensuring your roof safety system is used correctly means it will last and continue to keep everyone on your roof safe. High traffic on your roof can also lead to damage. When walking or working on roof surfaces it can be easy to dent, damage or break many roofing materials including tiles and corrugated metal panels with just one misstep.

The entire roof should be inspected, not just the safety system, to ensure everything is in good condition. A full roofing report and roof safety system certification will ensure everything is up to standard.

Independent Reporting

Whether you are experiencing leaks and other issues, need certification of a roof safety system or want to ensure proper installation before signing off with a contractor we are here to help. Roof Inspection Reports offers independent and trustworthy reporting on your roof. The team at Roofing Inspection Reports has knowledge and specialist expertise gathered over 35-years of experience in the roofing industry.

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