Professional Compliance and Roof Safety Certification Reports

Compliance with safety regulations is a vital part of managing any successful business in today’s professional market. When a commercial company is looking to expand they will undoubtedly be seeking larger premises which are suitable for their proposed activities. Typically a business will considering doing a building and pest inspections, however these inspections do not place enough emphasis on the roofing structure. As the only form of protections from the elements apart from the walls your roofing structure needs to structurally sound.

At Roof Inspection Reports we specialist in conduction roof safety certification, this involves carrying out a comprehensive evaluations and analysis of your proposed premises roof highlighting all positive and negative areas in a clear and concise report. The advantages of having a profession roof safety certification performed is that you know what you are buying and can make an informed decision on whether to proceed. Your financial personnel will also be able to make allowanced in funding and budgeting for any immediate or foreseeable repairs and maintenance requirements.

The key areas we look at when conduction our roof safety certification include:

  • General roof condition
  • Roof features
  • Ceiling condition
  • Roof Installation
  • Inspect exterior for continuity of roof covering
  • Inspect interior for signs of water penetration
  • Areas of deterioration

Our highly experienced and well recognised roof inspections have many years of experience in carrying our roof safety certification on domestic and commercial buildings and you can be assured that your report will contain everything you need to know.

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