Inspecting for Roof Leaks!

Put your trust in us! Roof Inspection Reports is a highly reputable company who has been around for years. Our leading inspectors boast over 35 years in the industry giving your peace of mind in their experience.

The single most important part of your house or a commercial building is the roof. Not enough attention is given though to the importance a roof plays in the structural integrity of a building. When you hire Roof Inspection reports to complete a comprehensive inspection no matter how big or small the job is, it is approached with the same dedication and incomparable workmanship.


An unfortunate fact of life is that even the most expensive and best constructed roofs can develop leaks. These leaks can be avoided entirely through regular roof inspections and maintenance. This is very important during the winter months or storm seasons which we experience in Queensland. At these times the exterior of our homes are subjected to the harshest weather conditions Australia has to offer.


If you have water coming into your living space, then you can assume that your roof is damaged. Other than such a clear indication it can be very difficult to pick up whether your roof has damage. The usual signs are water marks along the cornices of your celling, but these can often take time to show and by this time your roof leak would have progressed and damage is already well under way which can leading into the thousands of dollars to fix.


The short answer is; you cannot avoid roof leaks. But you can have them located and fixed before they become something which will cause severe damage. Having an annual roof inspection conducted by an industry professional is your best course of action caused by unseen damage caused by roof leaks or even more sinister damage.

As professional roof inspection officer the team of dedicated personnel from Roof Inspection Reports will conduct a full evolution and analysis on the condition of your roof from the inside and out. We will find and highlight any areas of concerns making you aware of what condition your roof structure is in.

Our inspections are accompanied by a full comprehensive report which notes all our findings, images and more which you can provide to insurance companies if making a claim. Alternatively, they are good to keep on record to show due diligence in maintaining your property pristine condition.

Homes and roofs are too expensive to take for granted. Have yours inspected today.