Having conducted thousands of roof inspections across Brisbane, Roof Inspection Reports professional roof inspectors have found one common denominator. Most homes and buildings across the Great South East have received little, if any love over their lifetime.

The effects of this lack of attention is that homes and industrial buildings or warehouses, particularly older ones are suffering from a multitude of minor to major problems which can be quite costly to new owners. Poor roof maintenance can have detrimental effects if nothing is done to rectify the issues. The worst-case scenario is the collapse of a roof which can be very dangerous under any circumstance.

We advocate and promote to all homeowners and business owners to have annual roof inspections performed on their homes and buildings regardless of the size or complexity. This includes large commercial buildings, apartment building, high-rise buildings, shopping complexes and warehouse and industrial buildings.

Our experienced roof inspectors quickly identify and highlight the smallest of issues which an untrained eye would simply overlook, such as potential areas for water penetration, incorrect installation, loose and dangerous roofing and damage caused from severe weather conditions.

Although your home may seem to be in sound condition, there may be sinister underlying issues. If left unattended these will gradually increase until they become an imminent threat to the safety of staff of residents.

In the interest of averting problematic circumstances and the unthinkable it is advisable to have professional roof inspectors attend to your premises on a regular. This is even more relevant after storms to determine the scope of damage which may have occurred, and areas which will need immediate, short term or long term attention.

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