What does a roof inspection entail?

When a business or individual is looking and investing thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing a house or commercial property for personal, investment or business use, one of the key conditions in a contract is always subject to a building and pest. Another very useful report and inspection to consider is a roof report.

What does a roof Inspection entail?

The roof much like the external walls of a building are subjected to weathering with constant exposure to the changing elements. A roofing structure can have issues from the moment of construction or erection or it may take years of wear and tear before issues start to become evident. So when is the best time to have a roof inspection done? The answer is at the point of considering purchase. You do want to every other inspection conducted without consideration for the roof structure only to find out after settlement that there are major structural issues with your roof which could cost you money.

At Roof Inspection Reports. We specialise in conducting independent comprehensive inspections on the integrity of your roofing structure. We are very thorough and will investigate every aspect. As with all other inspection company you will receive a written report from with our findings, good and bad, recommendations and areas of immediate or potential concern. This allows you as the intending buyer to make a judgment call on whether you wish to proceed with the purchase or seek property elsewhere.

We take our job seriously. Our expert inspectors have an eye for detail and will notice issues which escape the untrained person. Call us today for a quote and to organise an inspection.