Independent Roof Inspections a small price for a large commitment

The purchase of a building for commercial or personal use involves a major capital outlay and should be considered very carefully, taking into account all financial, structural stability and intended use. To enable you as the purchaser to make the most informative decision possible in regard to the soundness of your roof, we as a specialist roof inspection organisation recommend that one of your major consideration should be an independent roof inspection g structure.

This can become very important when you are considering using a commercial building for specialist purposes. A full report providing with the information you need regarding is structure, weight capacity and whether it is suitable for your needs is most necessary and minor cost when compared to the outlay needed for the final purchase. An inspection can be tailored to look for specific areas of concern or an overall inspection which may include:

1 – Identifying that your roof is sound and built in accordance with engineering regulations. This covers the way the sheeting has been laid, has correct insulation being used, are the pitches, gutters, downpipes, etc. placed in appropriate locations in accordance with Australian Manufacturing standards to allow for major rainfall and adequate runoff. Another item often disclosed during our inspection process is minor and major faults in the roofing material itself or the way it has been installed. This can become quite a costly expenditure if you are unaware and needs to be factored into the purchase price.

2 – If you want to use the roofing structure for suspending equipment of any form, you need to ensure that it is structurally sound. We can conduct a full independent analysis of the strength and viability of your proposed premises for its intended purposes and provide you with our professional opinion on its feasibility.

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