When working in property management there are few things more worrisome than water damage. If a roof is left unchecked it will develop defects over time. This can lead to water leaking into the inner roof and from there the walls and floors of the entire building.

By engaging a qualified professional with years of experience in roof inspections you can save yourself thousands of dollars.

Water Damage is a Costly Issue

Once water gets inside of your home it can cause significant damage to the plaster, paint and carpets. It can also interfere with the electrical circuitry which leads to dangerous power surges. If the roof features exposed frames that wood can start to rot. Water damage to the frame creates structural integrity issues and the spread of mould can be incredibly dangerous to the occupants of the building.

All of these events increase your liability and can cost a significant amount to repair. They can also cause inconvenience to the tenants which in turn can turn inot grievances with the landlord which is a situation everyone wants to avoid.

Most insurance companies will not cover you for a roof that features faulty or poorly designed roofs

If the building you manage is a commercial or industrial property a loss of productivity can be grounds for claims against you. This becomes a costly and uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Not ensuring that your roof is well designed and free from faults from the start can lead to problems down the line. Even thousands or tens of thousands of dollars spent on repairs.

Roof Inspection Reports Can Save You Time And Money

By having a professional with decades of experience inspect your roof you reduce your liability and can enjoy peace of mind moving forward. Our trained eye for detail and painstaking approach to inspections has meant our services are regarded as the best in the industry by residential, commercial and government organisations.

When we arrive on-site we will carry out our inspection and provide you with a complete and comprehensive report that details any immediate issues and highlights any potential risks that may appear down the road.

Avoid costly faults and get the full picture with Roof Inspection Reports. Contact us today on 0418 677 524 of fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.