Going solar – for the environment and supply

Upgrading to solar panels? You’re not the only one. At Roof Inspection Reports we have seen a spike in demand. But a professional roof inspection is essential before you install solar panels. Owners and managers of large commercial and public buildings as well as householders are requesting our roof inspections.

While Australia may have committed to reducing emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030, businesses and private citizens are taking action themselves. They are concerned about increases in power price and decreases in the stability of supply. Joining the circular economy for power makes sense to a lot of people.

Making energy savings – with safety first

Home owners and body corporates are doing the sums. So too are owners of such large south-east Queensland institutions as Bundaberg Hospital and the Brisbane Convention Centre. “Energy bills for buildings like this can run into seven figures per annum,” Philip explains.

“And solar does represent a way to achieve very significant savings over the long term. But essential to these long-term savings is that roofs be checked for problems first before solar panels are overlaid.”

“Often you find that while some sections of roofs are fine but others need to be replaced before you go ahead. Rusted areas and damage from air conditioning needs to be identified and rectified in order to make those long-term savings.”

Prevention better than cure

The key is prevention. “Best trade practice in materials, installation and maintenance pays for itself. Sometimes many times over, in the course of this strategy for long-term savings.”

Roof Inspection Reports recommends annual inspections. This is the best way to insure your investment in your roof – and, ultimately, to help drive down emissions.

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